Hot topic: Is the ban on women’s toplessness in public “unconstitutional”?

Hey ya’ll. Hope everyone has had a nice Memorial Day weekend so far.

I’ve been honoring the sacrifices our soldiers have made by exercising my right to free speech in debating at a political forum over whether or not women being banned from being able to go out in public topless is “unconstitutional” because it “discriminates” against women. The liberal argument goes something like this: Men are not banned from doing so, so why should women be? My response has been to repeatedly point out that it is not “discrimination” because men are required to cover up their, ahem, private parts in public, too. The response then is only one sex is allowed to bare their “breasts.” My response was to point out that men’s “breasts” were not a sexual part of their anatomy. And then there was an attempt at defining “sexual anatomy.” Sigh. It just went on and on.

I should point out – purely for the record – that not a single woman joined in the thread to argue the side that the (liberal and libertarian) males were arguing. Those males claimed their arguments were purely based on their concern that women were being “oppressed” – and one pointed to a couple of court cases (lower – state level) where the court agreed.

The conservative males, while joking about what a US with the ban on the laws against female toplessness repealed would look like, tended to agree with me. I said several times that decency laws like that existed for a reason, and that I would no more want a man to have “the right” to walk around anywhere bottomless than for me or any other woman to have “the right” to walk around anywhere topless. Can you imagine how awful it would be for a woman to have some guy “accidentally” bump into her while in line at the bank while – erm – you know, obviously being “happy” about something? Or a woman who “mistakenly” brushes up against a man in lin at the grocery store who is not attracted to her in any way? How about the mixed signals “bare all” laws would send to kids?

What do you think? In the event that anyone disagrees with me, please don’t let that make you hesitant to post your arguments. I am interested in seeing them.

Never let it be said that we don’t tackle the tough issues here at the ST blog ;)

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