Saturday Afternoon links and open thread

Some weekend links for your perusal:

—– Must-read: Doug Ross takes a look at Obama’s actions and decisions over the course of the last 100+ days and has come to the same conclusion that Mark Levin has, which is to say that he believes that this administration is “[a]s close to a dictatorship as this country has ever seen.” I’m nowhere near that belief yet, but there are definitely good points which Ross brings up that are troubling.

—– Rep. John Sullivan (R-OK) has checked into the Betty Ford Clinic for help with alcohol addiction, and is taking a temporary leave from Congress. According to the Tulsa World news outlet, he has been open about his drinking problems in the past. Here’s hoping and praying he gets the help he needs at the BFC and that over the long term he wins his battle against alcohol addiction.

—– Legal eagle Bill Jacobson takes a look of the defenders of Sonia Sotomayor’s judicial rulings/decisions, and finds them, well, lacking.

—– The amazing Susan Boyle did not win Britain’s Got Talent – she came in second place, but in the hearts and minds of people all over the world, she’s still a winner … and there’s no doubt she’ll be getting a recording contract from somewhere.

—– Has Obama “expanded the lobbying ban,” as the WaPo reports, or have they loosened restrictions, as Roll Call writes? Hmmm. I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle.

—–ABC reports that the National Archives has offered a $50,000 cash reward for that missing Clinton hard drive. If they offered several million for it back – oh, enough to pay off old campaign debts – I suspect Hillary would consider returning it.

—– Change you can believe in: CNN reports on how the Obama admin has said it will “continue” to utilize the “states secret” privilege in a case involving a suit by an Oregon-based outfit the US has determined to be a “terrorist organization.” The al-Haramain Islamic Foundation is suing the gov’t over its use of the alleged use of the warrantless wiretapping program against the foundation.

—– Fab Euro-blogger Michael van der Galien has a post up about the announcement earlier this week that conservative Tucker Carlson is planning on starting a “right-leaning” version of HuffPo called “The Daily Caller” (, which Carlson claims will go live “within weeks.” van der Galien writes:

“I wish Tucker best of luck with this new venture – I am pretty sure that there actually is a lot of room for a β€˜right-leaning Huffington Post’ – but he has to understand that he has to truly blow everybody away after announcing his new project before a group of bloggers, and telling them he will be better than the HuffPo, Hot Air, or any other existing site, and faster than Drudge. Those are some darn high expectations: You have to wonder whether the man understands what he’s getting himself into.”

Stay tuned …

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