James Von Brunn: Fringe LEFT winger

As I noted yesterday, the left was in full-blown “blame the right wing!!!” mode for the tragedy that unfolded early afternoon yesterday at the US Holocaust Museum which saw 88 y/o anti-Semite James Von Brunn murder security guard Stephen “Big John” Johns, and injure another. The left have been busy bees ever since, trying to tie Von Brunn in whatever way he can to conservatives in an attempt to broad brush all of them as “extremist nuts,” and also in another attempt to ridicule talk radio as the “conspirator” behind the “right wing killings.”

Today has been no exception, with the liberal-leaning TNR leading the way today with several pieces – linked here – which suggest that Von Brunn was/is a “right winger.”

It’s sad that bodies don’t even have to get cold first without the left (and mainstream media) using them to try and make a political “point,” but they have, and as a result of that, the right has had to fight back with some firepower of their own. Yesterday, after reading a little about Von Brunn’s background, several conservatives were suggesting that he was neither right nor left – that he was just crazy. While I agreed that he was crazy, last night in my post I noted that Von Brunn had more fringe left wing tendencies than right wing, a point echoed, amplified, detailed, and very well-researched by FrontPage Magazine editor Ben Johnson in this exhaustive piece that you should consider a must-read. It’s too good to excerpt, so please make sure to read the whole thing.

All in all, none of this should really matter – the guy’s obviously a wacko nutcase and he’s going to have the book thrown at him. But because the left enjoys using the murders of others for political gain (for example, Johns’ murder has now become the rallying cry to pass the …. Employee Free Choice Act) as well as to make subtle arguments/implications that “hate radio” “must” be “regulated” to avoid tragedies like this happening in the future, the right has no choice but to fight back against the accusations.

In the meantime, make sure to remember the family of Stephen Johns in your thoughts and prayers tonight. May he RIP.

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