WHEW! (Open Thread)

Yes, yes – we’re back up and running here at the ST blog. Sorry for the inconvenience. Apparently my site was switched to a new server today and something didn’t copy over properly and as a result it was showing up as an icky generic site for a couple of hours (at least). I didn’t know until I tried to log in around 12:30 and saw some things that didn’t look right, and also got several emails from readers expressing concern. Hosting Matters fixed it quickly once I made them aware of it, so all is now well in ST’s world again ;)

At the time I logged in I had about 30 minutes to kill, but no more – so an open thread it will have to be until later today/early tonight.

In the meantime, the big story of the day: The SCOTUS has reversed the New Haven, CT firefighters ruling Sotomayor endorsed as an appeals court judge. Malkin’s got a link round-up here.

Back later.

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