Quote of the Day

Via Hugh S. at Wizbang:

Let’s assume just for fun that AG Holder actually is operating independently. Who will be the actual targets of this investigation? George Bush? Not likely given the protections of executive priveledge. Dick Cheney? Not likely for the same reasons. President Bush’s advisors? Not likely either, for reasons that are protected by executive priveldge and lack of evidence (they did nothing wrong). Congress?…. (OK, that was a joke.) Which CIA do we believe, the one that [sabotaged] President Bush or the one that allegedly lied to Nancy Pelosi?

The entire torture prosecution meme, and the Potemkin Panetta “lying to Congress” Theatre, is all part of a two scene drama: the rehabilitation of Nancy Pelosi and the diversion of attention from a failing Obama policy in multiple areas. The torture debate was settled months ago but the egos in the Democratic Congress and a sinking Obama presidency require a new distraction now that Sarah Palin is off the front page.

… on AG Holder’s reconsideration of whether or not to prosecute members of the Bush administration for the alleged “authorized torture” that took place under Bush’s administration, allegations that have been ramped up thanks to Obama’s helpful friends in the Democrat Congress and mainstream media over the last several days (think the AP, the NYT and the WaPo).

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