Levi Johnston becomes media’s “go to” guy on Governor Palin

Dan Riehl documents here how Levi Johnston has allowed the media’s temporary obsession with his personalized “tidbits” about Sarah Palin go to his head to the point he’s taken to calling himself “Ricky Hollywood.” Apparently he thinks the mainstream media actually likes him. Riehl sets the record straight:

But while NBC New York noted that the infamous “baby-daddy” has gone Hollywood, that didn’t stop the NBC network from believing he’s somehow important and sharp enough to national political developments to weigh in with his opinions. Why, he’s just the guy to pass along genuine and heart felt insights into Sarah Palin and her family in an NBC exclusive! Give me a break!

The rather sad interview with NBC’s Ann Curry is here– also below. Word is, there’s a movie role, a television docudrama and book deal in the works. And, yes, even the AP shows up with the networks when Ricky Hollywood of Wasilla calls a news conference, now. How precious is that? Woo Hoo. Curry assures us this interview is an important Exclusive!!

Funny how the media and the Left couldn’t wait to trash Ricky Hollywood when he was at the GOP convention. But now he’s one of the few key people able to provide insight into Sarah Palin?? What a joke. Hollywood obviously tries to walk some alleged middle-ground on Palin with his self-promotion. But leave it to NBC to dig out potential issues and Ricky Hollywood can’t resist the bait. Like a fish, he’s being played and doesn’t even know it. Unfortunately, they just can’t quite get around to asking Ricky Hollywood how many diapers he’s bought, let alone changed. Or, in what other ways he’s contributing to his child’s support. A classy performance all around. Curry is sooo heart felt at the end. Doesn’t it show?

Well, at least they won’t have to ambush him for an interview anymore. Oh, and as far as the questions about how he contributes to the support of his child, well, that would only be important if he wasn’t dishing alleged dirt against the politico the left loves to hate and in fact was still on excellent terms with the family.

His fifteen minutes of fame can’t be over soon enough.

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