Figures: PrObama MSM spins bad economic news as good

Check out the headlines on the news that the GDP shrank this past quarter by 1%:

— NYT: U.S. Economy Shrank Less Than Expected in Quarter

— AP: Recession eases; GDP dip smaller than expected

— Reuters: U.S. economy fares better than expected in latest quarter

— CNN Money: The pain is starting to ease – GDP report

— WaPo: GDP Shrinks at 1 Percent, Sign Recession May Be Easing

— LAT: GDP beats expectations in second quarter

— AFP: Improving US economy shows 1.0 pct contraction

Ok – now, let’s play “Rewrite the Headlines.” Pretend this is the Bush administration’s economy the MSM is writing about. Ready. Set. Go.

Don’t get me – wrong. I’m glad the shrinkage is not as bad as was predicted. Just pointing out the bias on display within our PrObama MSM. It would be painted in the worst possible light if this was the Bush adminstration’s economy they were writing about, and we all know it.

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