“Coordinated mobs”? Think again

Mary Katharine Ham has published a pretty in depth piece on a guy popular liberal blogs are making out to be one of the alleged ” ringleaders” of the “coordinated right wing mobs” at the ObamaCare town halls (via Pundit and Pundette):

Right Principles has a Facebook group with 23 members and a Twitter account with five followers. MacGuffie describes himself as an “opponent of leftist thinking in America,” and told me he’s “never pulled a lever” for a Republican or Democrat on a federal level. Yet this Connecticut libertarian’s influence over a national, orchestrated Republican health-care push-back is strong, indeed, if you listen to liberal pundits and the Democratic National Committee, who have crafted a nefarious web out of refutable evidence.

Think Progress highlighted his memo’s directives to “‘Yell,’ ‘Stand Up And Shout Out,’ ‘Rattle Him’,” calling it a “right-wing harassment strategy against Dems.” The blog falsely connected MacGuffie to the national conservative group FreedomWorks through the most tenuous of threads. The Think Progress link that purports to establish MacGuffie as a FreedomWorks “volunteer” leads to his one blog posting on a Tea Party website (on the free social networking site, ning.com). Think Progress calls Tea Party Patriots a “FreedomWorks website.”

The problem is it’s not a FreedomWorks site, according to FreedomWorks spokesman Adam Brandon. FreedomWorks is a “coalition partner” of TeaPartyPatriots.org, but does not fund the site in any way.


The Rachel Maddow Show repeated Think Progress’ reporting on MacGuffie’s connections, showing the memo, and declaring its author “affiliated with an organization called FreedomWorks.”

The DNC has now made the memo the centerpiece of its “Mob” ad out today, from which I grabbed this screen shot, at the :40 mark. [Video here – ST]


The voice over for this image says behavior at health-care town halls is “straight from the playbook of high-level Republican political operatives.”

Or, the memo of Bob MacGuffie of Fairfield, Conn., who once wrote a blog post on Tea Party Patriots, a site that is not funded or hosted by FreedomWorks. It’s all the same if you’re looking to discredit an entire movement of real voters, I suppose.

This takedown is too good and I didn’t excerpt near what I wanted to, so make sure to read the whole thing. The DNC is using this guy as the “face” of the so-called “coordinated mobs” and so are popular liberal blogs like Think Progress and left wing prime time shows like Rachel Maddow’s.

Last night, I watched a little bit of coverage about the ObamaCare townhalls on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox and saw video clips of some of the town halls. A lot of of the people who are standing up and making their voices heard are older people and seniors. Who’da thought the VRWC had an aggressive seniors division? Seriously, these are the people the DNC and the admin are painting as “right wing goons and thugs and liars” simply because the actions of a few over the top people have given them the opportunity to embellish, exaggerate, and lie about the individual concerns many Americans have about ObamaCare.

When will the DNC and the Obama admin apologize for the outright slander they are perpetuating against real people who are fed up and are demanding answers rather than just talking points? On the 12th of Never, I’m sure. Demonizing the oposition is a much easier way they can use to try and get out of the mess they’ve created for themselves with this monstrosity of a bill.

It’s the Chicago Potomac Way.

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