Morning Reads and Open Thread

Got another hectic day lined up. Here are a few links for your perusal:

—– Tom Blumer has the laugh out loud post of the day: Dem Rep Who Opposes Photo ID To Vote Requiring Photo ID For Town Halls (screencaps included)

—– Michelle Malkin nails the left again in a devastating post about ObamaCare “human props” – and the left had you thinking that only the eeeevil W had “staged” town halls …

—— Via the WSJ, “economists” are saying that the recession is over. It’s a “recovery” that – according to one economist quoted by the WaPo – “only a statistician can love.”

—– Democrat Senator Ben Nelson (NE) is hitting back at liberal critics of his opposition to ObamaCare in a new ad that is pretty sharp. You can watch it here.

—– And speaking of ObamaCare, contrary to what President Obama claimed during his NH “town hall” yesterday, the AARP has not endorsed his healthcare plan.

—– The latest poll numbers from Rasmussen show the GOP looking good so far in this year’s race for the Governor’s seat in VA: McDonnell (R) 47% Deeds (D) 38%.

—– The Heritage Foundation takes an in-depth look at the disaster that is “cap and trade.” (via Power Line)

—– Oh, why won’t Gov. Marc Sanford resign already?

—– John Hawkins recently surveyed conservative bloggers to find out which conservatives they respected the most. You can read the results here.

—– Last but most certainly not least, please continue to keep our men and women in harm’s way overseas in your thoughts and prayers. The Marines in Afghanistan have launched a major offensive called “Operation Eastern Resolve” – aimed at liberating the northern Helmland province of Dahaneh from Taliban control.

I’ll check back in when I can …

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