Why you shouldn’t believe the “public option may be off the table” spin

Michelle Malkin’s got a good link round-up on the back and forth that went on over the weekend about whether or not the “public option” part of ObamaCare was now officially or even unofficially off the table, and she explains why ObamaCare opponents shouldn’t get their hopes up over the discussion because what’s this strategy really is all about is floating a “trial balloon” to see how nuts the far left goes over the idea of ditching the public option. With key Senate races picking up steam, the WH is trying to figure out whether or not they can dump the public option – for now – and still maintain the magic 60 number.

President Obama laughably claimed over the weekend that ObamaCare was “not about politics.” As Ed Morrissey explained yesterday, it most certainly is:

It’s not about politics? Barack Obama wants to impose a sweeping takeover of the health-care industry by the federal government, and he has the audacity to claim that politics has nothing to do with this? It has everything to do with it. Any government program has politics at its basis by definition.

Government will mandate comparative effectiveness models to influence treatment by government-funded providers. Those decisions will get made not by doctors or patients, but by elected officials who primarily are lawyers, not physicians. Does anyone believe that politics has nothing to do with the imposition of this kind of rationing?

Democrats have tried a number of strategies to sell ObamaCare to an increasingly skeptical and angry public. At first, they tried insisting that everyone hated their own status quo, until Gallup polls showed that 83% of people were satisfied with their current coverage. After that, they tried demonizing insurance executives. Does that sound as though politics has nothing to do with this proposal?

Up to 10% of medical costs in the US relate to lawsuits. Providers overuse resources in order to practice defensive medicine to protect themselves from predatory and abusive lawsuits. Yet not one sentence in the ObamaCare proposals in Congress deal with tort reform, which would immediately cut costs in the health-care industry. Trial lawyers, not coincidentally, heavily contribute to the Democratic Party currently writing all these bills. Are we to believe that’s not all about politics?

This is all about politics, which is why Obama had to write the op-ed in today’s Times. If he loses this battle, he’s wounded politically, and the rest of his agenda will be in deep trouble.

And don’t forget – it “isn’t about me [Obama]” either, even though a Dem Congressman quoted the President last month as saying if ObamaCare didn’t pass that it would “destroy” his presidency. So I guess the answer is to destroy healthcare in order to save his presidency. :-? If he thinks that’s going to solve his problems, he’s got another thing coming.

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