I demand an apology

Hey, since Rahm Emanuel can get away with demanding an apology from Rep. Joe Wilson, and House Democrats can get away with demanding Wislon apologize on the House floor (Pelosi has called for House Dems to “move on” from the idea of demanding a House floor apology or censure), I demand an apology from every single Democrat lawmaker who has called opponents of ObamaCare every name in the book over the last couple of months. Hey, it’s all in the interest of NuCivility, so why not?

Yeah, I know that’s about as likely to happen as our President actually being honest about something for once, but I just wanted to, you know, go on record.

Something else I’d like to go on record about is how offensive I found Obama’s use of the money spent to date on both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars in order to do two things: Justify his explosion of spending on programs that will do more harm than good to this country and to, as always, blame Bush. Guy Benson has a good takedown of the argument here, and Sarah Palin made mention of it in her response to Obama’s speech, which you can read here.

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