9/11: 8 years later

So many lives lost, so many dreams shattered. An America changed forever.

Even though it’s been eight years since 9/11, sometimes it feels like it really wasn’t all that long ago. The pain is still fresh for a lot of us – especially for those who lost loved ones because trained Islamofascistic thugs wanted to send the west a “message” that “infidels” must pay for their “crimes” against Islam. The pain is still fresh to the point that it is still hard for a lot of us to talk about what happened that day without choking up, hard for us to comprehend what was going through the minds of 9/11 victims like Peter Edward Mardikian, a young newlywed who didn’t work at the Twin Towers but nevertheless was at Windows on The World for a business presentation that morning.

Years ago, I wrote my story about how I had been in NYC on that tragic day, not at the Towers but in Times Square as a friend and I were preparing to leave to go back to our respective homes that afternoon. We didn’t make it to our respective homes until Friday of that same week, but we considered ourselves the fortunate ones. We were out of harm’s way, and didn’t lose anyone we knew. But nevertheless we felt a numbing, gutwrenching pain over the senseless losses of life, of the uncensored images we saw of the towers burning, the people jumping. It’s a time in our lives we will never, ever forget.

No one should ever forget.

God bless the families of the victims, and God bless the men and women of our military who have waged war and continue to wage war against Islamofascists all over the world.

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