Obama’s approval ratings continue to sink in NC

For my fellow North Carolinians disgusted with the news last fall that North Carolina went to a Democrat nominee for President for the first time since Jimmy Carter – thus now making this once solidly red state now a “battleground state,” here is a welcome bit of news:

The latest survey by Public Policy Polling found that 51 percent of North Carolina voters disapprove of Obama’s job performance, while 45 percent give Obama good marks.

The survey of 600 North Carolina voters was taken Sept. 2-8, before Obama’s speech Wednesday on health care reform.

The latest figures reflect a continuing slow decline in Obama’s numbers in North Carolina. PPP says Obama’s approval rating peaked at 54 percent in April.

The decline is found among Democratic and independent voters as well, according to PPP. The survey found that 74 percent of Democrats approve of the job Obama is doing, down from 85 percent in the spring.

The fall has been particularly sharp among independent voters, dropping from a 50 percent approval rating in April to 39 percent in the latest survey.

In 2008, 27% of NC voters who voted in the Presidential race were registered Independents. McCain got 60% of them to Obama’s 39%. Should the race be close again in 2012, just shaving of a few thousand of those Independent voters could be enough to turn this state red again (Obama won this state by just under 14,000 votes).

Of course, 2012 is a lonnnng way off but what’s getting closer and closer are the 2010 elections. If Obama’s numbers continue to tank, that would be welcome news for new GOP contenders and vulnerable incumbents here in NC on the national, state, and local levels.

Keep your fingers crossed – and stay tuned.

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