Happy 6th Blogiversary, ST blog!

Can you believe I forgot my own anniversary? :o

It was 6 years ago this past Saturday that I decided to start blogging my thoughts on the issues of the day, primarily as a result of being disgusted – once again – with the liberally biased nature of our mainstream media. My first post was a defense of Rush Limbaugh during the controversy over the comments he made about Donovan McNabb, and 6 years later, I’m still hammering the mainstream media because they’ve only gotten worse.

I don’t have the highest traffic numbers, and don’t have the highest number of linkers back, but the longer you blog, the more you realize that it’s not about the amount of attention and/or accolades you may receive, but instead about making your voice heard, whether you have a gigantic audience or not. It’s about getting the word out, whether 2 million people are hitting your site a day or 2,000. Just one person reading what you have to say can be influenced to your side of the debate, or inspired enough to get involved for the first time. Not only that, but intrepid bloggers oftentimes do the digging that the mainstream media won’t do, finding out things about certain movers and shakers in Washington, DC whose shady, questionable pasts would otherwise continue to stay swept under the rug. Others in the blogosphere have made it their life’s mission to painstakingly document the liberal bias alive and well in the mainstream media. There are many more niches covered in the blogosphere as well; it would be impossible to mention them all here.

From time to time I get first-time bloggers emailing me asking me for advice, and what I tell them is, more than anything else, they must remember to stay true to who they are and their respective beliefs. I tell them to not join in with the chorus if they feel differently about an issue than most people do, but at the same time don’t be purposely contrarian and deliberately provocative just for the hell of it. Conservatives are contrarian provacative by nature, simply due to the fact that what they say typically goes against the conventional wisdom about things like “cultural norms” and political correctness. There’s no need for juicing up provacation; we can, have, and will continue to do fine provoking the status quo just being ourselves. And there’s also no use in trying to “be like” another blogger. Be yourself. You’ll be much happier and more fulfilled as a blogger in the long run. Just trying to be like someone else won’t get you anywhere. Readers and other bloggers alike appreciate uniqueness and individuality, not just someone in it to solely be a “me, too.”

I’d also like to send a shout out to one of my blogging heroes, Ed Morrissey, whose 6th blogiversary was on the same date as mine. He started out blogging at the Captain’s Quarters blog, where he worked hard and garnered a large following, and then moved to blog alongside AllahPundit at Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air blog, one of the premiere blogs in the ‘sphere. Here’s to many more, Ed!

I can’t add much more to what I’ve said in previous blogiversary posts (five, four, three, two) except a lot more thank yous to everyone who has continued to visit and support this blog, and to the newbies who have started visiting the blog in the last year and as a result made it a frequent stop in their blogosphere travels. I look forward to the next year of not only this blog growing, but myself and my readers growing together, also.


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