The things people say

I was recently in a local Ulta make-up store looking for this absolutely wonderful concealer by Benefit Cosmetics that will hide just about anything, and was talking to one of the female employees who was working the floor making sure people could find what they were looking for. I found most of the items I came in there to purchase, but not the concealer. They had the line of make-up I was looking for, but the particular item in question was not to be found. I asked her about it, and she said the store only carried the “top 20” for that line of make-up, so I ended up getting one of their top 20 concealers.

But before I did, she started talking to me, as sales clerks in stores typically do, about another concealer from another make-up line that she thought was a really good choice. As she put it on her hand to rub it in, she talked to me a little bit about why she thought it was such a good concealer, and the middle of her speech, she said this:

“It’s really good for aging skin.”

I internally gasped. What? Why was she mentioning it was good for “aging skin” to me? I began to fret; did I look old to this gal, who was probably no more than 25? The comment was particularly bothersome because my make-up at that point in the day was freshly done – I had left the house after getting ready for my day, and went directly to the cosmetics store. Typically, that’s when your make-up looks its best, its most fresh.

“Good for aging skin”?


So the first thing I do is go home and look in the mirror, to see if I looked like I had “aging skin.” All I saw that stood out was the slight wrinkle most women get as they get older in the middle of their eyebrows. Sigh of relief. I decided right then and there that the people who had told me for the last 10 or so years that I “looked younger” than my age were more on the mark than the sales girl at Ulta.

At the same time, I also made a mental note to look into the Olay Regenerist anti-aging line … but not at Ulta ;)

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