VIDEO: Jay Leno makes fun of WH war of words with Fox News

Good to see some of the primetime/late night talk show hosts finally getting around to making jokes about our celebrity President:

For more laughs on this issue (what, you didn’t think there was any humor to be found here? :) ), check out Tom Maguire’s humorous post comparing the WH’s war against Fox News to wars past and present. Liberal pundits are crawling out of the woodwork (more here) to suggest that O and Co. have gotten themselves into a bit of a “quagmire” in this so-called “war” with a mainstream media news outlet, but as Maguire points out as only he can, it is interesting and unsurprising at the same time to know that just like it was during the Bush years, Democrats view Republicans as the bigger enemy than AQ.

Last but not least: Last night, I wrote about Bret Baier’s report on Fox News about how, in spite of the WH’s implied dislike of “biased” news outlets, MSDNC’s Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann were at an “off the record briefing” with President Obama on Monday night. MediaBistro reports today on other “journalists” who were in attendance:

Sources tell us other attendees at the two-and-a-half hour chat included Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, Gwen Ifill of PBS and Gloria Borger of CNN. Perhaps not surprisingly, no one from Fox News was in the room.

Of course, it goes without saying that none of the above invited “guests” are mainstream media journalists but instead are liberally biased columnists and pundits who work for mainstream media news outlets.

Just like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Bill O work for a mainstream news media outlet.

For more on the WH’s growing enemies list, and how the backlash, too, is growing, click here.

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