Thursday Open Thread

Having another busy afternoon. Will check back in later.

FYI, I had another visit to the doctor’s office this morning. This week, I have just been wiped out – sometimes during the day, and sometimes when I come home at night. It’s like I can’t lay down on the couch fast enough. Last night I hardly slept because I had a really bad coughing fit just before I went to bed. I was concerned about the fatigue and lingering cough, and wanted the doctor to take a look at me to make sure I was ok and that I hadn’t developed a bacterial infection after what I went through with the swine flu. The good news is she told me that I am fine and that I need to be patient and let the recovery process take its course. The bad news is it can sometimes take weeks til you’re fully back to your old self. So please bear with me as some days blogging may be light (as it has been this week) as I try and fully get back into the game.

Like most people, once I was feeling better I wanted to dive head first into everything to catch up, but you can’t do that. You have to take it easy and still get your rest. Some of us have to learn the hard way ;)

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