Obama plays more golf than Bush – where’s the outrage?

The Politico reports (via Memeorandum):

President Barack Obama has only been in office for just over nine months, but he’s already hit the links as much as President Bush did in over two years.

CBS’ Mark Knoller — an unofficial documentarian and statistician of all things White House-related — wrote on his Twitter feed that, “Today – Obama ties Pres. Bush in the number of rounds of golf played in office: 24.

Took Bush 2 yrs & 10 months.”

Remember all the whining the left – including numerous members of Congress – did for years about how much “vacation time” President Bush allegedly took while in office, criticizing him on the basis of there being “too much to get done in Washington” for a President to take “so much” vacation? It was a dumb “issue,” considering 1) the fact that we all know that Presidents never really take “vacations” because they are available at all times of the day and night, and 2) the fact that the left didn’t approve of Bush’s agenda anyway and hated the fact that he was in Washington to begin with (no, I haven’t and never will forget the repeated cries of “stolen election!” and how many on the left never stopped believing that he was an illegitimate President). I also will not forget how the Usual Suspects ridiculed Bush for talking about how he had stopped golfing because he came to believe it was inappropriate for the CIC to be doing so during a time of war?

Well, there’s no guessing on how the left will react to the “issue” of Obama’s golfing excursions – in a nutshell, there be nothing but pure spin on this story, and it won’t be an issue for the left because they now apparently understand (ahem) that a President can be a President even when he’s not literally sitting in the Oval Office, although I’m curious to see how liberal Matthew Yglesias, who earlier this month blasted critics who suggested Obama wasn’t making the issue of Afghanistan a priority – and summarily lectured us all on the fact that Obama was a busy guy with a lot of issues on his plate like the “global recession” and cap and trade and that he would essentially get to the debate over Afghanistan when he could make time for it – will spin the number of golfing breaks Obama has taken over the last 9 months in the Oval Office in comparison with that “slacker” W who took nearly three years to reach the “24” number. Hey, if he’s got time to golf 24 times in 9 months – as well as time to schmooze with the Euro elite – surely he’d have been able to meet with Gen. McChrystal more than twice (here and here)? And maybe he can give him more than 25 minutes next time?

Any guesses on how the left will spin this? Make sure to post them in the comments.

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