Site maintenance (WEDS AM UPDATE)

FYI, over the next couple of days the site will be undergoing a few minor changes, most notably the deletion of all the blogrolls off the main page. As you’ll notice, there is now a link on the link bar below the header for “Blogrolls” which will take you to a list of my collapsable/expandable blogroll. It’s pretty cool, especially for those of us who have super long blogrolls several different categories. During the course of the rest of the week I will be deleting those blogrolls off the main page (with the exception of the “Obama Links”), so don’t think the blog itself is slowly disappearing :)

In the place of all those blogrolls, I’ll be adding some other features to the sidebars in the days to come that I think you’ll like and find useful for informational purposes. I’ve already started with adding a link to my Twitter feed. It doesn’t just show my Twitter updates, but everyone I’m following as well. At this point, it updates every few seconds and shows the most recent 15 Tweets. No worries – I’m not following thousands! Just a little over 300 (including our favorite ace journalists Jake Tapper and Major Garrett) and they don’t all update at the same time ;) But it’s a really good place to get new news and updates on existing news; Twitter is always abuzz. If you’re someone who uses Twitter, and you see something you want to respond to within the widget, just put your cursor just to the right of where you see the time the comment was posted (“1 minute ago” – etc) and you’ll see a reply link. Click on it and it will take you to a Twitter page to reply/respond/RT.

As always, let me know your thoughts on the changes. If you experience any functionality issues, please alert me either in the comments section or email.

Weds AM Update – 9:55 AM: Hmmm – the “Blogrolls” link is not showing up in the menu but is working when you click on the link in this post. No clue what happened. I’ll add it to my list of things to work on.

10:15 AM: Ok, changed the “Blogrolls” menu option to “Links” and now it’s working. Strange how it won’t let me use “Blogrolls” today but would last night. I also see that the RSS feeds I added in column two aren’t updating like they should. Grr!

10:46 AM: RSS feeds update problem fixed. Now it should check for updates every thirty minutes :)

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