The Palin interviews

It goes without saying that, with the launch of her book Going Rogue, Sarah Palin has been a busy lady these past few weeks – the last couple of days in particular. Here’s a link rundown of recent interviews she’s done:

—- The big “Oprah” interview, which aired yesterday: The Daily Beast has video clips of what they call “Palin’s 7 Best Moments” during the interview. YouTube user “SomePoliticalClips” appears to have the full interview, in parts. I’ve not watched it but it’s gotten generally good reviews from most of the conserative bloggers I read. According to them, even Oprah didn’t do too badly. Some have complained a bit about how the interview wasn’t more “policy-centered” but hey – come on. It’s Oprah.

—– The Rush Limbaugh interview: Sarah was on Rush’s show earlier today talking about substantive domestic and foreign policy issues. Click here to listen to what she had to say.

—- Palin also sat down with ABC’s Barbara Walters. ABC is showing snippets througout the week on various news/talk programming but you can read the full interview – and watch video clips – here.

—– National Review’s Rich Lowry and Robert Costa interview Palin here (via C4P).

—- Last but not least, Red State’s Erick Erickson conducted an interview with Palin earlier today, which you can read here. Great to see her keeping in touch with the grassroots :)

In related news, today Palin’s Facebook page made it to the 1,000,000th follower mark. Congrats!

And about that sexist Newsweek cover of Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin says it all. And a hat tip to several feminist liberal bloggers – and Media Matters, of all places, for agreeing that Newsweek has a “sexism” problem. I rarely give hat tips to liberal feminists or Media Matters, but today I have to give credit where it is due. On this one issue, Sarah Palin has united liberal feminists and conservatives. Who’da thought? ;)

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