Is my dad turning into a metrosexual?

My dad has always been a no-nonsense kind of guy on most issues. And when it comes to hygiene, “Head and Shoulders” has always been his shampoo of choice. As for “body wash” – well, he’s been a life-long Dial bar soap user. He’s always pretty much been no-frills when it comes to that stuff, so when it came to Christmas time and buying him “smelly” gifts, it used to be that I could get him a Brut cologne gift set and a cute popcorn tin, or some Old Spice, a box of hankies and several pairs of tube socks and he’d be content and happy on Christmas day.

But here lately he’s taken to using the new Gillette shampoo/conditioner combo and also their bodywash, and claims he “can’t live without” these products anymore.

Um, excuse me? Is this the same Alpha male dad who frowns on the idea of guys getting their nails trimmed, who my mom has to plead with in the fall and winter to shave his beard, and who still gets $8 hair cuts at the local barber shop (yes, he did that even when he did have a full head of hair)?

Don’t get me wrong – my dad is not a slob, and when he dresses up, like for church, he looks darned good in his three piece suit and tie. Probably the best looking guy – young or old – in the whole place. He has always been a clean person. When I lived at home he would frequently take two showers a day; one in the morning and one at night when he got home. But he’s never been into the “modern” male frilly stuff like the specialized shampoos and body washes and deodorants.

Until now. I’m actually considering getting him one of those Gillette gift sets that has the all-in-one shampoo/conditioner, body wash, deodorant, and Fusion razor as one of his Christmas gifts. Never in my life did I think dad would go all “metrosexual” on me to where I’d have to buy something I’d considering getting as a stocking stuffer for a boyfriend.

Maybe he saw this commercial, and thought it would be cool to emulate some of his favorite NASCAR drivers?

Mom, of course, digs it. LOL.

He’s even a regular at Starbucks now, going on three years. My dad is one of the last people you’d expect to find in a Starbucks. Nothing against Starbucks, nor my dad, but he’s a bit of a “redneck” and you wouldn’t think he dug lattes and sitting on velvet armchairs and chatting with other customers about the weather.

But he does.

I love my dad dearly, but I swear he’s starting to freak me out! 😯

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