President Obama’s Afghanistan “surge”

As expected, the press has gotten advanced excerpts from President’ Obama’s upcoming speech on his plan for Afghanistan, which he will officially announce tonight in a televised address from West Point at 8 ET. CNN has snips from the speech, and the Guardian is liveblogging the unveiling of the plan and the media reports surrounding it.

His decision, which was widely reported last week, is being met with mixed reactions from both Republicans and Democrats. The criticisms from Republicans (with Senator McCain being a leading voice) are in reference to both the closely related timetable and “off-ramps” issues, and the criticisms from Democrats are, well, what you would typically expect from the rabid anti-war wing of the Democrat party.

I’m not sure if I’ll be watching it (will probably catch the video and transcript of it later tonight), but for those of you who want to but who can’t get to a TV, you can always watch via

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