The Beer Summit vs. the Jobs Summit – which will prove more productive when all is said and done?

Another informal poll for you this week. The answers are:

a) The Beer Summit will look more productive in comparison to the Jobs Summit when all is said and done.

b) In the end, the Jobs Summit will be more productive than the Beer Summit was.

c) Are you crazy? Both summits were/are a farce!

d) Other (state your answer)

Has anyone been paying attention to the summit today? I heard a rumor that Obama dissed the small business sector in his opening speech, but haven’t been able to find any reports of the alleged comments anywhere. It supposedly went something along the lines of talking about how small business had cut jobs over the years in order to cut costs and had remained in a hiring freeze of sorts in order to earn profits. I’ll check later tonight to see if I can find any reporting on this.

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