Bucs at the Panthers (UPDATE: PANTHERS WIN 16-6)

Panthers logoThe Panthers will take on the Bucs today here at home in a game that is pretty much meaningless for both teams as they are way out of the playoff picture. Tampa stands at 1-10, and no doubt love to get out of the cellar by beating a division rival whose record is not much better (4-7).

The big story in town today outside of the cold weather is that Matt Moore will be starting QB in place of Jake Delhomme, not because of Delhomme’s league-leading interception record, but because he’s got a broken finger. I’d like to say “things couldn’t get any worse” but I don’t want to jinx the Cats any more than they already are.

Game time is 1 PM ET and it will be broadcast on Fox.

Update: In short, the Panthers were hot, and the Bucs were not. We win 16-6, thanks to strong defensive stands, a relatively smooth game by Matt Moore, and a few flubs by the Bucs.

The commented earlier that the Panthers were out of contention but the commentators for the game said they are still technically not out of it, but it’s a long shot.

Really long.

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