Tuesday Open Thread

Sorry for the light blogging today. Got a lot going on and so little time to take care of it all. Hey, it’s Christmas – I’m sure we’re all suffering from the “lack of enough time in the day” dilemma! :)

FYI, Gay Patriot is taking suggestions for nominations for their “2010 Grande Conservative Blogress Diva” competition. Suggestions will be taken until midnight Wednesday night – I assume Eastern time. I have jokingly given the guys at GP a tough time the last couple of years for failing to include me in the consideration process (they have a say in who the nominees are, too) so they emailed me (and several others) this year to let me know ahead of time about the competition (thanks, guys!). Soooo …. if you’d like to see me in the final running for this competition, please click on the link above and post my name in the comments.

Speaking of blog awards, the timeframe for suggestions for nominations for the 2009 Weblog Awards has come and gone. I didn’t find out about them this year in advance like I have in previous years because the gang a Wizbang did not send out an email alerting everyone as to when it started (or at least I didn’t get an email, anyway, sniffle). By the time I figured out the nominating process had started, it was a couple of days before the end of the process so I didn’t bother posting anything about it here. But it looks like a few charitable folks did suggest me in several different categories, so maybe I’ll be nominated again this year … and maybe from there, finally win after years of being a bridesmaid?

Stay tuned …

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