Christmas Eve Eve Open Thread

Update 12/24/09 – 8:44 AM: Sorry for the light blogging. Like most people right now, I’ve got tons going on prepping for Christmas. Will try to get up another post before Christmas Day. If I don’t get a chance to, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone – be safe.

Quick note: Senate Democrats have managed to stick it to the American people twice on Christmas Eve – once with the healthcare “reform” vote, and the other time with the vote to raise the debt limit. Just two more stark reminders of how we will need to fight even harder against socialism-lite in the new year.


(12/23) Ok, fess up: Do you have all of your Christmas shopping done?

Snow at the WH
Snow covers the a decorated trees in front of the West Wing of the White House in Washington, Saturday, Dec. 19, 2009.
(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

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