Happy 2010!

New Year's EveJust checking in quickly to wish all readers and commenters a very happy new year and to remind everyone – as if any of us needed the reminder – that we’ve got a lot of work to do next year in continuing to expose the incompetency and the extreme left wing tendencies of the Obama administration. The way the polling is going at both the state and national levels, Republicans will have some prime time opportunities to make up for some significant ground they’ve lost over the last two major election cycles. My concern is that if they make it up, will they just go back to the way they were under the Bush admin, where many Republicans in both the House and Senate helped themselves to a lot of pork and other wasteful spending that was completely anti-fiscal responsibility.

In any event, if that happens, we’ll just have to work hard then, too. Because this country is worth it, after all.

If you’re out tonight celebrating the end of this year and the start of another, be safe! And have fun. If you’re like me and are staying close to home, enjoy the pizza and wings and try not to fall asleep before midnight |-)

Happy New Year, everyone! <:-p

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