Monday-Post NFL Wildcard Games Open Thread

Realized late last night that I had not started an open thread for this past weekend’s NFL wildcard playoff games. I’ll remedy that this weekend with an open thread for the next round.

I know there are a few cowboys fans here who have to be delighted that Romo the Cowboys have finally peeled the playoff monkey off their backs. The Jets looked mighty impressive, thanks in no small party to hottie QB Mark Sanchez. OTOH, Tom Brady and the Pats will be watching the rest of the playoffs from home, with visions of past playoff wins dancing in their heads. And no doubt Green Bay fans have some legitimate complaints over an exciting but poorly officiated game that saw them lose in OT after a clear face mask penalty was not called against the Cards.

Face mask
Arizona Cardinals cornerback Michael Adams (L) forces a fumble by Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in overtime which was returned for a touchdown by Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby to win the NFL playoff game in Glendale, Arizona January 10, 2010. REUTERS/Rick Scuteri

I haven’t watched a video replay, but was the ball knocked loose before or after the face mask? If it was knocked loose before it, then in the end wouldn’t it still have ended up being the Cards’ ball, with them being set back 15 yards on the penalty? If it was before the ball was knocked loose, then shouldn’t it have remained the Packers ball, with the Packers facing 4th down? And why is it against NFL rules to review plays like that?


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