Ahhh! The smell of Democrats circling the wagons

So sweet

Ain’t it great? :D

The post-election commentaries are up all over the place (Darleen Click has a good one, with links to others, here, while Ed Morrissey provides a cautionary note here). I don’t have one just yet; I’m still savouring the moment. I tweeted and retweeted my excitement so much last night that I went over the Twitter hourly limit, so I had to log off. LOL.

I haven’t felt this good about the results of an election since, well, I don’t know when. In fact, many of us haven’t. So let’s enjoy it for the moment, embrace the fact that Scott Brown is a political hero of sorts but not a savior or messiah and shouldn’t be viewed as such – and pray for numerous repeats of Democrat defeats come November so as to (hopefully) facilitate a sustained return to fiscal restraint and responsiblity, less government intrusion into our lives, and strength on the national security/foreign policy front.

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