Gorebal warming hits North Carolina (FRIDAY OPEN THREAD)

Started falling here in the Charlotte area at around 4:45 this afternoon and it’s still coming down steadily. The forecast for my area calls for snow mixed with sleet, with possible accumulations between 6″ to 8″. That’s a big deal for us around here (hehehe). I might step outside in a little bit and capture a couple of early pix of the snow. Assuming I can open my front door in the morning, I’ll try to snag a few pix of what fell overnight. In the meantime, here are some user-submitted photos at WCNC.com of the snow falling in and around Charlotte.

Went to the grocery store earlier today for my normal weekly visit, and of course there wasn’t a lot of bread selection left. They didn’t have Sara Lee hot dog buns, so I had to settle for store brand :( Oh well, at least it was a 12 pack of buns, which solves the usual 10 hot dogs to a pack/only 8 buns to a pack dilemma

Update – 8:39 PM: Got a few pix taken and uploaded. Please do not laugh at the one of me. I know it’s a little far awayish but it was taken by a neighbor who I believe might have had one too many Bud Lights and who insisted his truck be in the pic … I had to edit out the fingertips that were in it! Not only that, but I had on old baggy sweats and (obviously) pink snow boots. Not my finest fashion hour …

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