Rep. Paul Ryan slams reconciliation, Slaughter Solution, backroom sleaze behind HCR

I think I’m in love:

The WaPo published an opinion piece from Rep. Ryan today in which he talks about “what real health reform should look like.” Read the whole thing here.

Michelle Malkin’s been keeping track of the latest developments on the House Dems’ desperate midnight hour tactics to try and get this bill shoved through Congress by the end of the week.

And check out this notable quotable from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from “a roundtable meeting with several health care reporters and bloggers” earlier today:

“Time is important for us here, because this city is the city of the perishable and every special interest group out there who doesn’t want this to pass–including the entire Republican party–benefits from any delay,” Pelosi told those in attendance. “Delay is our enemy.”

Translation: Debate is their enemy.

Last but not least, read all about the cancer-stricken woman Obama has made part of the centerpiece of his healthcare “reform” campaign here. Come to find out, her situation may not be as dire as the President has made it out to be. Sound familiar?

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