Modern day gutter politics hits new low in South Carolina

Nikki Haley and Andre BauerI’m a little bit behind this morning on blogging, so in the interest of catching up, read AllahPundit’s full post on the barrage of attacks that have hit SC State House Representative/GOP candidate for governor (and endorsed by Sarah Palin) Nikki Haley – from other Republicans. The person who appears to be behind most of the smears is one of her more prominent primary opponents, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer. He’s denying it, but the writing is on the wall and it’s pretty much a sure bet that he’s now throwing everything but the kitchen sink at her to stop her momentum in advance of next Tuesday’s SC primary.

I typically don’t pay much attention to SC politics, but had heard over the years that Bauer was a shameless political opportunist a la Barack Obama who often relied on whisper campaigns in order to advance in SC state politics. Now I believe that this is true beyond a shadow of a doubt. What kind of a politico relies on all those around him to aid him in winning an election by hook or crook rather than fighting the battles himself? The kind that clucks, apparently. ~:>

Can’t decide which is the more despicable attack, though – the two different “affairs” charges that to date have been unsubstantiated, the “is she really a Christian?” question, or the “raghead” insult thrown at her by Bauer associate and SC State Senator Jake Knotts. SC Republicans, the state GOP, and Haley’s campaign have all condemned Knotts’ remarks.

This is disgraceful -and embarassing. For the last few decades, the places to watch on both a local and national scale for dirty, gutter-style politics have been Chicago, New York City, New Jersey, and other liberal bastions. Now, the eyes of America – alongside a hungry MSM/left – are on gentle South Carolina, watching as the Lt. Governor, via allies, tries his best to smear the frontrunner, and in the process doesn’t help the (incorrect) perception that the South is populated with little more than backwoods racist hicks who will say and do anything to get elected.

In the “old days,” we used to see racist Southern Democrats use every tactic imaginable to win political office – including violence and other numerous underhanded, unAmerican ways to suppress the votes of Republicans … black Republicans. Remember, prior to the mid 60s, black people solidly voted Republican and going back decades prior to that, Southern Democrats (literally) waged war against them in an effort to prevent their voices from being heard. While there is no attempt at voter suppression going on in the case of the governor’s seat in SC, there is a campaign underway by a GOP competitor to disparage the GOP frontrunner using racial and other smear tactics designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. I hope the good Republicans of South Carolina reject these offensive, divisive tactics – which have no place whatsoever in politics – next Tuesday.

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