NC, SC runoffs (UPDATED)

Vote 2010Update – 10:03 PM: Fox News has a good recap of who won tonight. Short version? Marshall will be Burr’s opponent in the NC Senate race, Haley (handily) SCGov, Johnson in NC8 (with his opponent refusing to congratulate him – figures), Randall in NC13, Dority in NC12, Scott in SC1, and in SC4, incumbent Inglis loses to Gowdy. Utah primary results are just now starting to come in.

As a side note, “racist” Carolinian GOPers picked an Indian-Am. woman (Haley) and two black conservatives (Randall and Scott) to represent them going into the fall elections. Not playing the ID politics game, but just throwing the Southern “racist” meme back in the faces of the MSM/left.

I’m exhausted. Gnite, all!


North Carolina and South Carolina both are holding runoffs today so voters can determine their party nominees in the following races: For NC, we have the very contentious NC8 race between Harold Johnson and Tim D’Annunzio, NC12 (Cumbie vs. Dority), NC13 (Randall vs. Reeves) -all GOP, and the NC Senate race between Democrats Cal Cunningham (the party pick) and NC Sec. of State Elaine Marshall.

In SC, there is the very interesting SC1 GOP race as well as the match-up between frontrunner and state House Rep. Nikki Haley and US House Rep. Gresham Barrett, both of whom want to replace Governor Sanford in the fall election. Haley is expected to win tonight, even in the face of Barrett’s money advantage. One that will also be watched tonight will be the SC4 race between incumbent Rep. Bob Inglis Spartanburg County prosecutor Trey Gowdy. The Fix has a write-up:

South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis finished 11 points behind Spartanburg County prosecutor Trey Gowdy in the June 8 Republican primary, never a good sign for an incumbent.

The last two weeks were filled with political obituaries of Inglis who looks likely to join Reps. Alan Mollohan (D-W.Va.) and Parker Griffith (R-Ala.) as House members to lose their races for renomination in this cycle.

But, after Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s (Ark.) miraculous come from behind victory on June 8, anything is possible. So, how could Inglis win?

Although Gowdy beat Inglis by 11 points in the primary, his advantage was all in his home county of Spartanburg where he drubbed the congressman 60 percent to 19 percent. Inglis actually won the rest of the Upstate 4th district by about 3,000 votes.

Inglis has to find a way to maximize his own electoral base in Greenville County where he won only 32 percent to 27 percent over Gowdy on June 8.

It’s not entirely unbelievable to think that Inglis can pull that off. The third and fourth place finishers in the primary hailed from Greenville and their absence from the runoff ballot affords Inglis the opportunity to united the county behind him.

We shall see.

Turnout, as expected, has been light across SC – and low turnout was expected here in NC as well.

Polls close in SC at 7 ET. They close here in NC at 7:30 ET. I will be monitoring developments and posting about them at Twitter if you’d like to follow my tweets here. I’ll try to check in here from time to time as well.

Results link for NC
Results link for SC

Best link for results tonight? This one. Includes the Utah primary, which I neglected to mention in my rundown above. Sorry …

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