Quote of the day on liberal media bias

Well said:

Anyway . . . Conservatives should be frank and bold when it comes to the media, as to everything else. And if others say you’re tiresome or whiny or uncool . . . well, so be it. Did you sign up for conservatism to be cool?

One more thing, before I go: I have a friend who’s an old-school political reporter, practically a dinosaur. He stresses the principle, “No cheering in the pressbox” — a statement taken from sports journalism, obviously. No cheering in the pressbox? The guys I have in mind — mainstream-media reporters all — don’t so much cheer as turn cartwheels while blowing on vuvuzelas. And they are cartwheeling and blowing for the Democratic party. — National Review’s Jay Nordlinger

I took a fair amount of criticism from the left that the post-Palin speech slamming done by MSM “journalists” last Friday night was, to paraphrase, “not important in the scheme of things” and “made conservatives sound whiny.” Of course, we all know that the same liberals chiding me and other conservatives for (rightly) making a big deal out of the open mic remarks would have applied their same “rule” in the event that a Fox News journalist had been caught in an unguarded “open mic” moment uttering nasty remarks about President Obama …

MediaThe fact is that the main reason the left doesn’t want the right talking about liberal media bias is because they know it’s true and they’re aware that the light shined on mainstream media bias by conservatives who are relentless in their quests for the truth has had a major impact on people’s views of the mainstream media, not to mention from where they get their news now as opposed to ten, twenty years ago.

For at least the last 40+ years, the mainstream broadcast, print, and (more recently) online media has more or less provided millions of hours in free advertising for Democrat politicians and their policies and agendas at the expense of well-meaning conservatives/Republicans, but with the wildly rising popularity of mainstream conservative talk radio, Fox News, conservative bloggers, and media fact checking outlets like the MRC and Newsbusters, the MSM’s days of being able to get away with their bias have come to an end. In turn, you have numerous lefties in Congress and elsewhere openly wishing and pushing for a return of the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” because they see that as the best, ‘easiest’ way to control the free thought and speech of conservatives.

Not without one hell of a fight.

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