Rev. Jackson: Cavs coach views LeBron James as a “runaway slave”

The Associated Press reports that famed race hustler/race baiter Jesse Jackson has inserted himself into the LeBron James/Cleveland Cavaliers feud by suggested that angry Cavs coach Dan Gilbert, who wrote and had published an angry letter in the aftermath of James’ announcement that he would be joining the Miami Heat, views James as a “runaway slave” (via @O_meOhMy):

CHICAGO (AP)—Jesse Jackson criticized Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert on Sunday, saying Gilbert sees LeBron James(notes) as a “runaway slave” and that the owner’s comments after the free-agent forward decided to join the Miami Heat put the player in danger.

Shortly after James announced his decision last week, Gilbert fired off an incendiary letter to Cleveland’s fans, ripping the 25-year-old and promising to deliver a title before James wins one. He called James’ decision “cowardly” and later told The Associated Press he believes James quit during a handful of Cavaliers playoff games.

“He has gotten a free pass,” Gilbert told the AP in a phone interview late Thursday night. “People have covered up for (James) for way too long. Tonight we saw who he really is.”

Jackson said Gilbert’s comments were “mean, arrogant and presumptuous.”

“He speaks as an owner of LeBron and not the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers,” the reverend said in a release from his Chicago-based civil rights group, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. “His feelings of betrayal personify a slave master mentality. He sees LeBron as a runaway slave. This is an owner employee relationship—between business partners—and LeBron honored his contract.”

If this is a “business partner” relationship then why did Jackson, who was not a “business partner” involved with Gilbert nor James in any way, insert himself into this controversy? Because he saw it as a way he could share in the spotlight and further ingratiate himself within the black community with his continued racial demagoguery, once again over yet another issue he had no business – literally – getting involved with. This is one more reason why we can’t move forward in this country on the issue of race, because race baiting morons like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton see evil racial motives behind every issue where white and black people may be on opposing sides. And why wouldn’t they? Continuing to fan the flames of racism keeps them both in business, when in reality the both of them have more of a checkered history on race than most of the people they target for “racism.”

JWF pegs it:

I doubt Gilbert’s intention was to be viewed as a slave owner, especially when you consider he’s in the business of paying many black players exorbitant sums of money. If as Jackson claims James was a “slave” to Gilbert he was the most highly rewarded “slave” in human history. I doubt he appreciate[s] being called a slave.

Jackson just needs to STFU and mind how own business.

In an ideal world …

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