Fox News gets front row-seat in WH briefing room

Awesome news:

The White House Correspondents Association voted unanimously Sunday afternoon to move Fox News to the front row of the White House briefing room.

The seating change was prompted by the resignation of veteran UPI reporter Helen Thomas.

According to Ed Henry, the senior White House correspondent for CNN and member of the WHCA board, the Associated Press will move to the front-row middle seat formerly occupied by Thomas.

Fox News will replace the AP in its former seat, also in the front row, and NPR, which lobbied for Thomas’ seat along with Fox and Bloomberg News, will take Fox’s former seat in the second row.


Liberal groups had lobbied for NPR’s placement in the front row over Fox, which one petition called a “right-wing propaganda outlet.”

LOL. Even if we pretend for five seconds that Fox was indeed a “right wing propaganda outlet,” there’s no question that NPR is a “left wing propaganda outlet” of the highest order and, well, don’t we have enough left wing propaganda outlets in the WH press briefing room as it is …?

Just sayin’.

Anyway, congrats to Major Garrett and the Fox News correspondents’ team for a big victory. Being in the front row just makes you guys a lot harder for FibbsCo. to ignore now. ;)

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