Franklin Graham vs. Ground Zero mosque imam: Where’s the outrage?

?Can someone explain to me why Rev. Franklin Graham, son of national treasure Rev. Billy Graham, was disinvited from the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer service over “controversial comments” made about Islam last year, yet the United States taxpayer is being forced to fund Ground Zero mosque imam and blame-America-firster and Hamas sympathizer (not to mention Sharia-friendly) Feisal Abdul Rauf’s upcoming Middle East trip – a trip we’re supposed to believe is an attempt to build “moderate Muslim bridges”?

Can someone also tell me why liberals and many (but not all) libertarians routinely and falsely label conservative Christians as wanting a “theocracy” in America and of being “religiously inolerant” yet are so hesitant and oftentimes outright refuse to condemn in any way a “religion” that treats women and unbelievers as “property” to do with as the males in their societies wish (usually very violently) … as mandated by the Koran?

Thank you.

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