O to hold first presser since spring at 11 a.m. ET – quote predictions?

The Hill reports that this morning the President will be taking his first series of questions from a “hungry press” since a spring presser:

With his presidency at a crossroads, President Obama will face the media Friday at his first press conference since the spring.

As an increasing number of political analysts predict Republicans will win the House this fall, Obama on Friday will defend his economic policies and hope to fend off questions about his weakened political standing.

The key for Obama will be to stay on message — vote Democrat or return to the policies of the George W. Bush administration — as reporters try to get the president to make news.

Obama addressed some of the most burning questions by sitting down for a TV interview while traveling to Cleveland on Wednesday.

In an interview with George Stephanopolous for ABC’s “Good Morning America” that aired Thursday, Obama was asked repeatedly about Republican criticisms of his economic policies and the coming debate over whether to extend Bush’s tax cuts.

Obama refused to threaten a veto over the increasing likelihood that Congress will extend all of the tax cuts for a year or two, which would hand the GOP a victory.

The president also voiced confidence that his party will win the midterm elections this fall, despite polls suggesting Republicans have a good chance of winning the House and an outside chance of winning the Senate.

“I am very confident that if people know what the choice is, if people take a look at what Democrats stand for and what Republicans stand for, who we’re fighting for, and who they’re fighting for, then we will win,” Obama said.

No matter the question, Obama on Friday can be expected to try to mark a contrast between his policies and those of Republicans. He’ll try to build on the themes he offered in his speech on the economy this week in Cleveland, when he said Republicans have no new ideas or policies. Obama argues a new GOP majority in Congress would rule like the last one, which he blames for the recession and financial crisis.

Here are my quote predictions:

– “Let me be clear”
– “I inherited …”
– “Bush’s fault”
– “The economy has turned a corner”
– “We need to get our ‘fiscal house’ in order – by keeping taxes for ‘the rich’ high”
– “What Republican ideas?”
– “What type of dog was I referring to when I said Republicans talk about me like I’m a dog? I’m not answering that.”
– “Joe Biden was on Colbert?”

Other predictions?

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