Happiness really is …

Unlike my previous “happiness is” post, in which I was being quite sarcastic, this one is for real. :) In no particular order, happiness to me is:

… sipping on a cool glass of lemonade while sitting on your porch on a breezy summer night.
… watching the sun break through the clouds.
… finding that perfect shell on the beach on a crisp fall morning while getting sand in between your toes.
… watching the leaves change in the fall, especially when some of the best fall foliage is in your neighborhood.
… hearing your mother call you “sweet pea” or “pumpkin.”
… remembering when grandma taught me how to cross stitch.
… Fridays.
… knowing God loves you.
… learning a new tidbit about history for the first time.
… the couch. The ceiling fan on low. A comfy blanket.
… cold fried chicken.
… the love and care of family and friends.
… dancing in the kitchen where no one can see you.
… singing in the shower where no one can hear you.
… good hair days.
… Icees & smoothies of all flavors.
… evening strolls.
… butterflies in your tummy at the thought of trying something new, exciting, challenging.

I could go on and on. :)

Feel free to add to the list!

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