Hey, “enlightened” liberals: Guess what happened in 1773?

This is absolutely positively too priceless for words. In a speech to Tea Party supporters in Nevada on Monday, Sarah Palin told the crowd that they shouldn’t “party like it’s 1773” just yet (via):

Seeking to channel the sign-bearing, flag-waving enthusiasm of the “tea party” movement into ballot-box victories, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told hundreds of supporters Monday they couldn’t “party like it’s 1773” until Washington was flooded with like-minded conservatives.

“I can see November from my house!” said Palin in a self-deprecating call to action that had been reprinted on buttons.

Prominent liberals like Markos Moulitsas and others hilariously jumped all over what they believed to be a “Palin gaffe” – thinking perhaps she meant 1776.

Er, wrong.

Guess what happened in 1773, lefties? The Boston Tea Party, which anyone with a high school education could easily figure out – even without watching the video that included the context of her remarks.

Even funnier: Michelle Malkin catches prObama PBS correspondent/moderator Gwen Ifill trying to walk back her Twitter swipe at Palin. Malkin’s advice: “Own up, dear.”

Exactly. I mean, if Palin has to own up to her mistakes, shouldn’t they myriad of left wingers who just demonstrated their Stuck-On-Stupidity by way of their obvious ignorance of history be obligated to, you know, do the same?

Just askin’ …

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