Is there something in the water in Rhode Island?

The Hill reports today on an outburst from Rhode Island’s Democrat nominee for governor on the issue of an Obama endorsement (via Memeorandum):

Upon hearing he would not receive President Obama’s endorsement, the Democratic nominee for governor of Rhode Island told the president to “shove it.”

Frank Caprio took the swipe at the president just before he was scheduled to arrive in the Ocean State for a factory visit and fundraiser.

“He can take his endorsement and really shove it as far as I’m concerned,” Caprio told WPRO Radio, the Providence Journal reported

Caprio’s comment is one of the strongest examples of anti-Obama rhetoric from a Democrat this cycle, in which political observers are predicting a GOP wave.

The Democrat is in a three-way race with independent Lincoln Chafee, a former centrist Republican senator, and GOP nominee John Robitaille.

Of course, it’s not exactly news that a Democrat wouldn’t want an endorsement from the President, considering the current political climate – but what I found interesting was this:

Earlier this year, Caprio reportedly considered switching parties from Democrat to Republican.

Talk to me, Rhode Islanders: Is it a common practice for RI politicos/candidates to switch parties depending on which way the wind blows, and/or depending on what the other side promises in return for the switch?  First Chafee several years ago, and then this year – the consideration by Caprio.  I know I’ve seen in happen here in NC more than once in the state legislature.  Was just curious.

In any event, we can file Caprio as just one more on a long list of Democrat politicos and candidates across the country who view Obama and his administration as too toxic to associate with in any way pre-election.   That being said, I wonder how many Democrats running for governor who do get elected (or re-elected) running on an anti-Obama platform turn around and say to the administration: Show me the $ for my state? Democrats are infamous for making public shows of “independence” around election time only to turn around with their hands out later on when they think no one is looking.  The lure of taxpayer dollars to buy votes from their constituents back home is just too strong for most liberals to resist …

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