Tues/Weds. Open Thread

One week to go. ;)

FYI, wanted to say a note of thanks to my co-blogger A-Phin for all the help he gives me here. For the last few weeks pre-late afternoon blogging has been difficult for me to do but I do what I can when I can, so please bear with me. The content will still be here, it’s just that in my case the timeframe has switched around a bit. For the forseeable future, during weekday hours most of my blogging will be done in the afternoon and evening, with the exception of next week, when I’m off work (wanted to be around to blog/tweet about the election and the aftermath, natch!). I know Anthony’s schedule is hectic sometimes as well, but it usually ends up balancing out.

Have also been burning the candle at both ends lately – y’all know how that is! :)

That said, during the weekday sometimes it’s easier for me to Tweet/FB than it is to blog (thank goodness for smartphones!), so feel free to check out my Twitter/FB feeds during the weekday as well. Anthony also has a Twitter page that you can follow.

So … how are y’all doin’?

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