A note of gratitude to my online friends

kittensThe Internet is a wonderful thing. Yes, it can be addicting – & destructive for some, but used right, it’s a wonderful tool for the communication of info, & for making friends that you otherwise likely would have never gotten to know w/out the Goracle’s “invention.” ;) Can’t tell you all the wonderful ppl I have become friends w/ as a result of my 10 or so years of being online. My best friend is a gal who I got to know, in concert with other gals, as a result of a *soap opera forum.* We all went to some soap events in the early 2000s, had a blast, & the rest is history. She lives in Florida, but we are still very close.

We enrich our lives by not only befriending others but also from being befriended by those who share similar interests, values, etc. – whether the friend is an online friend or offline friend. Not only that, but it’s a big bonus when you have friends who make you want to be a better person, who bring out the best in you, & who make you think. It’s also a special treat when they let you know in some small way that you’ve made a positive impact in their life. What a *great* feeling that is!

Besides, there are few other places you could go where people are actually ok with the fact that you love to ramble on and on at length about this or that topic – and who don’t get bored before you’re done. ;)

Sure, sometimes it’s revealed online in one way or another that people you know online are not who they have made themselves out to be, but for the most part my experiences have been positive, and I suspect that is true for most people. As you do offline, you take chances online when you become friends with someone. The downside to the I’net is that people can (and will) paint exaggerated, even false, images of who they want you to think they are, but the longer you’ve been online the easier it is to spot fraudsters a mile away.

If there was a way to embrace all of my online friends at the same time, I would – but there’s not, so this is my way of doing so … and saying thanks. May the good times and lively, spirited conversations roll!

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