Election eve: Your final thoughts

You’ll be hearing plenty from me tomorrow, but I’d like to hear from you tonight. As we’re into the final hours of election eve, what races will you be watching closely tomorrow? There are lots out there, but we all have seats in particular we’re keenly interested in following.

Anyone willing to go out on a limb and make some predictions as to how many seats the GOP will pick up in the House and Senate? I’ve heard as high as 70 from Jim Geraghty, but that seems rather on the high side. The Cook Political Report puts the range at between 50-60. I think a more realistic number is in the 40-45 range. The Senate we won’t gain control of, IMO, but I see the GOP picking up 5 seats there.

Did you vote early? I didn’t – will head out sometime mid-morning tomorrow make my voice heard at the ballot box. After that, it’s marathon blogging and tweeting the rest of the day. :)

So talk to me. What’s on your mind this election eve?

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