Six words for all GOP winners on local, state, and national level

Don’t screw it up this time.


The latest:

– Reminder: President Obama will be holding a presser today at 1:00 pm ET.

-Rick Scott (R) wins FL Gov. race.

-Michael Bennet (D) wins CO Sen. race (recount may be necessary there).

AP declares NC2’s Renee Ellmers (R) the winner over Rep. Etheridge (if results hold, Etheridge will not be allowed the opp. for a recount). This would be considered a HUGE defeat.

Still too close to call in the Rossi (R)/Murray (D) WA Sen. battle.

-“Write in” is still leading in the AK Sen. race. Final counts could be “weeks away.”

-Eric Cantor will run for House Majority Leader.

– The pot legalization prop. in CA failed.

– Did I mention that the GOP now has control of the NC House and Senate for the first time in forever (100 years)? Yes, I did. But I wanted to mention it again. :)

– From Larry Sabato:

Forget Congress. The GOP gains that mattered were GOV (+9 or so) & +19 state legislative chambers (+650 legislators approx.)


– From Newsbusters: (Winner) Michele Bachman Humiliates Chris Matthews: How’s That Leg Tingle Doing Tonight?

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