Hey, MSM: Did ya notice Tim Scott and Allen West won in MAJORITY-WHITE districts?

Ya know, you’d think with the last two years of banging the “Tea Partiers are raaaacists” drum that the MSM would be so embarassed they’d be issuing mea culpas of some sort in light of Tuesday night’s wave of “minority” wins in the GOP from coast to coast. Of course, I’m being a bit rhetorical and sarcastic here because the MSM – like Democrats -rarely admit they’ve gotten something wrong, but still it’s worth pointing out. And we need to do so again and again to make up for the fact that the left will try to bury this significant news by way of ignoring it or downplaying it.

Let’s just look at a couple of US House races for examples of the damage “raaaacist” Tea Partiers can do:

Tim Scott and Allen WestTim Scott – South Carolina’s US House District 1. Elected Tuesday night – with 65% of the vote. Wasn’t even a contest. SC1 is 75% white, and solidly conservative. Scott will be the first black Republican Congressman from SC since the Reconstruction.

Allen West – Florida’s US House District 22. Elected Tuesday with 54% of the vote. Not much of a contest there, either. FL22 is 82% white. That seat was a Republican pick-up and, as far as I know, is the first time a black Republican has ever represented that district in the US House.

Did I mention that both of these US House Rep.-Elects were and are heavily backed by the “raaaacist” Tea Party crowd? Yeah, they are. And here I thought racists did everything they could to keep black folks from even participating in the political process, let alone getting elected for political office …

Of course, I should note that just because black Republican candidates in the past were NOT elected does not mean it was always due to racism. For example, Alan Keyes was pretty much a nut. There are other examples where the white candidate might have been more closely aligned with the needs and concerns of voters in a district or state. But the media narrative has always been “white conservatives won’t elect a black candidate to political office” so, going by that narrative, the “streak is over,” isn’t it, MSM? You damn well betcha.

I say all this not to suggest that race should be a factor in deciding who to elect. Most importantly, where a candidate stands on the issues, and their character should be THE deciding factors, not anything else. But it’s important to point out that the dynamics of American politics are changing dramatically, especially in the Republican party. And the MSM is, unsurprisingly, ignoring it – even though they made such a huge deal about the race issue in the months leading up to Obama’s election, and since. Young Republican faces, “minority” faces (women, black people, Hispanics) are getting elected more and more each election cycle. There is nothing more frightening to Democrats and their allies in the MSM on the electoral front than “minority” GOP politicians rising within the ranks (see Jindal and Haley and Palin for examples). They know that the more “minority” GOPers who are elected, the more loose their (the left’s) stranglehold on the black/Hispanic/female vote will be.

I’m cautiously optimistic about the future of the GOP, in part, because of this. We have real opportunities to make inroads with voters who prior to this perhaps would have been hestitant to join the conservative movement thanks mostly to shameless liberal race/sex card demagoguery. We need to break the liberal hold on “minority” voters – and NOT by abandoning our conservative principles but by demonstrating that conservative principles are not just good for one group of people … but for everyone and, via extension, this great country we all love.

Bring it on!

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