Shocking: Obama DOJ being used for political vendettas

Ya don’t say? Via Daily Caller:

The Daily Caller has learned that the author behind the recent report from the Department of Justice that targeted five former U.S. attorneys for excessive travel expenses has had, according to our sources, a troubled history in the DOJ and attempted in the past to use her position to smear conservatives.

When the report surfaced last week, the investigation’s timing and targeting especially of New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie, who has steadily been raising his national profile, raised red flags.

According to the DOJ report, Christie — favored by many conservatives to run against President Obama in 2012 — spent a total of about $2,000 more than his budget allowed on 23 trips he took between 2007 and 2009. Almost immediately after the report’s release, conservative media and the blogosphere lit up with accusations that the report was politically motivated and meant to malign a rising star in the Republican Party.

Tom Fitton, the president of DOJ watchdog organization Judicial Watch, agreed with that sentiment, telling TheDC that his first instinct was that the report was nothing more than a hit job from an “ideological and hostile Justice Department that leaked the report.”

New information obtained by TheDC shows that that narrative may be true.

The report’s author, Maura Lee, began her DOJ career in the civil rights division, but now works in the DOJ Office of Inspector General. Hans von Spakovsky, former counsel to the assistant attorney general for civil rights, supervised Lee and told TheDC that he was “astonished” when he found out she was the author of the report.

According to von Spakovsky, Lee was “one of the most belligerent, unprofessional lawyers” he encountered during his time at the DOJ. “Because of her,” he said, “we had to completely change our security protocol.”

Another former senior DOJ official who asked not to be named confirmed Lee’s involvement in strategizing to leak information to the Washington Post, saying that she was not a trustworthy person and had major political motivations.

Von Spakovsky described one case where Lee was caught breaking into the e-mail of a colleague, Joshua Rogers, specifically because Rogers was conservative and Christian. “Lee was radically left. She made it plain that she didn’t like Rogers,” von Spakovsky said.

If you don’t read anything else tonight, make sure to read the entire piece. To say this woman was and is a fanatical, vengeful uber-left wing partisan with a visceral hatred for conservatives is a vast understatement. That she has repeatedly abused her position and power both within the DOJ’s “civil rights division” and now in the DOJ’s IG office is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Oh wait, this is the Obama DOJ we’re talking about here. You know, the one that, in harmony with the IRS, uses its powerful position to investigate their political opposition. The same DOJ that is, out of sheer political malice, suing the state of Arizona for attempting to do the jobs the feds won’t. The same DOJ that launched “investigations” against CIA agents who were doing their jobs. The same DOJ that dismisses serious cases of voter intimidation when politically inconvenient – while punishing those who try to keep the light shining on such cases.

Remember the “AttorneyGate” controversy from the Bush years where the left, collectively, practically gave birth to a MOAB over the alleged political maneuvering/firing of DOJ attorneys at the insistence of Karl Rove? Where’s that same outrage when real scandals involving the DOJ, which we’ve seen routinely over the last two years, pop up? Oh yeah – it’s right here:

Any questions?

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