Things I am thankful for

Posted this on Twitter, and wanted to make sure I posted it here as well :)

— Thanksgiving week has officially started. Here are a few things I am thankful for, in no particular order: Electric blankets. Never have been interested in those before, but mom has 1 & it makes sleeping in autumn a lot easier-along w/ Muffie snoozing at my feet :)

— Excellent, upbeat nurses. Can’t say enough about how well my dad has been treated by the nurses at the hospital. Great ladies.

— Work colleagues, managers, etc, who have told me to take all the time I need when it comes to dad. Their understanding means the world.

— Friends & in some cases total strangers who have put up w/ my occasional ramblings & nervous chatter. It really is true what they say about knowing who your real friends are during the times you need them the most.

— Also, the prayers and well wishes – words can’t express my gratitude enough. I know the prayers have helped, because dad is getting better. Hopefully tomorrow he’ll be able to come home.

— Last but not least, I am thankful for my lil smartphone, which has helped me stay connected via email, text, Twitter, FB … being able to maintain those connections has helped me keep my sanity (& sense of humor!) this past week. :) Y’all are great.

— This wk, things shld be close to getting back to normal – as normal as it gets for the Toldjah family, anyway, assuming dad gets to come back home Mon., of course. Anxious to get back into the writing groove. I need that release right now.

— PS: I’m also thankful for my co-blogger Anthony aka Phineas manning the blog fort in my absence … you should make sure to bookmark his blog.

Will be headed out a little later with mom to watch some of the Panthers game at the hospital with dad. He’s requested we bring his Iron Man 2 DVD with us so I doubt we’ll be watching the game for long. ;)

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