Idiotic email of the week: ‘Why isn’t Palin at home with her special needs child?’

Ugh. Got this in email Wednesday. Stuck on Stupid doesn’t quite cover this idiocy:

Why isn’t Ms Palin at home taking care of her special needs kid. A real mom and a concerned mom would be home raising a kid who’s as severly handicapped as hers. I could be nasty like Mr Limbaugh has been but I feel sorry for the kid because I don’t think he’s getting the care that he needs.

I’m being nice by withholding the emailer’s name.

How many times did we hear this ridiculous argument while Sarah Palin was on the campaign trail? It went something like: “Why is she out parading her special needs child around like a political prop?” or “Shouldn’t she be at home taking care of Trig?” And the funny thing was, these are the types of gender-biased “arguments” liberals routinely accused conservatives of making over the years when it came to women in the work place, yet there they were (and some still are) essentially saying “a woman’s place is in the home” (or – more to the point – a conservative woman’s place, anyway). And did the mainstream media call them out on it at the time? Of course not. Because some in the MSM were making similar arguments of their own.

These folks really are so danged predictable, aren’t they? Can’t stand to see a conservative woman be strong, assertive, aggressive, and can’t stand to see her think outside of the box. It destroys all the stereotypes liberals have tried to perpetuate over the decades about conservative women: That they’re subservient to “their man” and are incapable of any independent thought outside of how to take care of “his needs.” That argument has never been true, and it has never been less true than in this day and time.

I’ve got two words for any liberal who continues to spread these tired old lies about conservative women: BITE ME.

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