Tuesday Open Thread – Gift Wrapping Night at Casa ST :)

It’s Christmas gift wrapping night at Casa ST, where I’ll be joined by Mama Toldjah as we frantically try to get all wrapping done and out of the way so we can relax a tiny bit in the few days left before Christmas. I may tweet a couple of pix of the wrapping fun later, so stay tuned. :)

I just KNOW that everyone reading this has all their wrapping done.Β  Right?


Here’s what my living room looked like last year after wrapping the gifts I’d purchased:

ST's tree
Gifts from Santa Toldjah - December 2009 :)

Not pictured: All the gifts I had to ship out. ;)

And now, on to spiffy up the downstairs a bit before mom gets here so she doesn’t think I’ve been a total slacker this week!

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